Network Updates / Pontevedra, Spain / 2020-05-18

Pontevedra’s car-free decision keeps reaping liveability benefits, two decades on:

New BreatheLife video showcases car-free leader Pontevedra's decision to go car-free more than two decades ago and its impact on its residents

Pontevedra, Spain
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According to The Guardian, “people don’t shout in Pontevedra — or they shout less”. It also notes that there are “no revving engines or honking horns, no metallic snarl of motorbikes or the roar of people trying make themselves heard above the din”. This is because Pontevedra pedestrianised its medieval centre — all 300,000 square metres of it — in 1999. They stopped cars crossing the city and got rid of street parking, as people looking for a place to park was what caused the most congestion. They closed all surface car parks in the city centre and opened underground ones and others on the periphery, with 1,686 free places.


“In 20 years, I am sure that this province, all its cities, towns and villages, will have large urban spaces free of vehicles, where there are spaces to be able to live and socialise, breathing pure air and clean air. Therefore, the fight against pollution must be the highest priority of all public administrations, not just in words, but in action.”
Carmen Silva, President, Deputation of Pontevedra
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