How Can You Have An Impact?

Whether it’s policy solutions or how we heat our homes, we can all play a role in reducing air pollution.

“We need to target the silent killer that is stalking many of our urban populations as a way to address climate change and as a grave public health threat.” Dr. Flavia Bustreo, WHO Assistant Director-General, Family, Women’s and Children’s Health.

The Solutions

We have proven solutions.

See how you can contribute to successfully reducing air pollution.

Citywide solutions By instituting policies and programs to curb emissions and to promote the use of clean energy, cities are a focal point where many solutions can be implemented at scale. Get Your City Involved
Actions for individuals Small shifts in everyday behavior, from conserving energy to using more sustainable forms of transport, can help reduce your contribution to air pollution. Do Your Part
Health-sector leadership Through transitioning to low-carbon facilities which reduce energy use at every step of their operations, the health community can serve as a model for industry to contribute to air pollution reductions. Download Health Resources