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Network Updates / Geneva / 2016-11-28

BreatheLife Video Library:
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Learn how air pollution impacts our climate and health with our latest videos available in multiple languages.

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Clean Cookstove Video (Nepali)

In Nepal every year, household air pollution caused by cooking over smokey, traditional stoves and fuels kills about 23,000 people. This includes some 1,400 children under the age of five. Using a clean stove protects your health and makes cooking safer, faster and easier.

Clean Cookstove Video (Nepali w/ English subtitles)

How air pollution impacts your body

Our latest video explains the ways air pollution can affect our bodies.

How air pollution impacts your body (Spanish)

How air pollution impacts your body (French)

How air pollution impacts your body (Russian)

How air pollution impacts your body (Chinese)

How air pollution impacts your body (Arabic)

How air pollution impacts your body (Portuguese)

The Walk Home

This video explores how easily children can be confronted with the dangers of air pollution on a simple walk home from school.

Walk Home (Spanish)

Walk Home (French)

Walk Home (Russian)

Walk Home (Chinese)

Walk Home (Arabic)

Health & Climate Impacts Explainer video

Our first explainer video uses recent WHO data to highlight the startling health and climate impacts of air pollution while showcasing the many types of solutions that can be implemented to curb air pollution and help save millions of lives each year.

Explainer Video (Spanish)

Explainer Video (French)

Explainer Video (Russian)

Explainer Video (Chinese)

Explainer Video (Arabic) 

Explainer Video (Portuguese)

Sorajiro: Clear the Air

“Sorajiro” and his friends are iconic in Japan and are extremely popular with young children. UN Environment worked with Nippon TV to adapt these characters for North America to promote environmental awareness to tweens (aged 8 – 12 years) – an important new audience.

#SolveDifferent: Empower Women

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019. Today’s environmental challenges need all of us, not half of us. Women and children are disproportionately affected by household air pollution. In this video our heroine finds solutions for her family and the whole community.

#RickyKejLIVE: Ricky Kej featuring Alexis D’Souza performance at PROTO Village, India

9/10 children breathe polluted air and 600,000 children die every year due to air pollution! This is a song from our children, asking us for their most basic right, “LET US BREATHE!” and to make this world a better place for them. Created as an anthem for the BreatheLife campaign by WHO, UNE, CCAC and World Bank.

BreatheLife Concert: Ricky Kej featuring Lonnie Park live in Vizag, India

Performance in Vishakapatnam, India to an audience of 88,000 people, and at UB City Bengaluru, India to an audience of 1,000 people.