Air pollution may be a familiar environmental issue, but with levels continuing to rise, it is now an urgent public health crisis. Air pollution kills 6.5 million people each year and contributes significantly to climate change.

Cities can rapidly reduce air pollution through proven solutions, such as regulating vehicle emissions and implementing rapid transit networks, but leaders will only act if they know it is important to their citizens.

Call on your leaders to become a BreatheLife city and support solutions that will clean our air, protect our health and keep our climate from warming.

Start a clean air revolution in your city

To: My city’s leaders

“On 26-27 April Santiago, Chile will launch its RespiraSantiago (BreatheSantiago) campaign to reduce air pollution in the capital city, spearheading efforts in other Latin American cities to join the global BreatheLife campaign, and take bold actions for the benefit of health and climate. I call upon the leaders of my city to join this global movement to reduce air pollution harmful to health and climate, with cleaner vehicles and transport systems, including walking & cycling; clean home cooking and heating, and reduced emissions from industry and waste incineration. Together we can ‘Breathe Life’ into our cities’ future.”

We will deliver your message to the national representatives in the Climate and Clean Air Coalition meeting that same week in Santiago. The CCAC, including 51 countries, 16 inter-governmental organizations and 45 NGOs working in every region of the world, will be setting priorities for 2017 and 2018 to ramp up efforts to reduce black carbon and other air pollutants – turning pledges into action.