Network Updates / Kiev, Ukraine / 2018-02-11

Ukraine cuts tax on electric vehicles amid strong demand:

Provisional exemption on VAT and excise tax for all electric vehicles in 2018

Kiev, Ukraine
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The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted a provisional exemption on value-added tax and excise tax for all electric vehicles for 2018 on a temporary pilot basis.

A more comprehensive regulation is being developed to develop a sustainable environment for electric mobility in the country, including favourable conditions for investment opportunities in this market.

The announcement follows the formal launch of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) in Ukraine in October 2017, during which the Ministry of Infrastructure announced a 40 per cent decrease in value-added tax for electric vehicles over the next five years, among other incentives.

Sales of electric cars in Ukraine (new and used ones) grew 3.2-fold in January-October year-over-year, to 2,225 cars, according to the Kyiv Post, with the greatest demand for electric vehicles coming from the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.

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