Network Updates / Suwon City, Republic of Korea / 2020-09-09

Suwon City Launches Initiative To Inspire Collective Action Against Air Pollution And The Global Climate Emergency:

On the 5th of June, this year Suwon City and 266 of Korea’s local governments signed the Climate Emergency Declaration.

Suwon City, Republic of Korea
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This story was contributed by the Fine Dust Response Team, Climate and Atmosphere Division, Suwon City Hall as part of celebrations of the inaugural International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. 

On the 5th of June, this year Suwon City and 266 of Korea’s local governments signed the Climate Emergency Declaration.

Two days later, Suwon City launched steps toward groundbreaking air quality improvements by connecting Korea’s 80 metropolitan/provincial and local governments through the Korean Local Governments Coalition for Net Zero Actions — a call for practical actions to make cities net-zero by 2050.

Suwon City has worked steadily to tackle climate change. Starting with its first Master Plan on Climate Change Response in 2011, the city has continued its greenhouse gas reduction efforts by setting reduction targets, establishing a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, and devising a phased implementation plan.

As a committed city to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy Suwon City registered with the Carbon Disclosure Project and is trying to be a leading city in these activities. The city recognizes the magnitude of the climate emergency and is proactively taking action.

Along with carbon-neutrality, Suwon City is working to electrify inner-city buses to protect health and decrease air pollution and plans to become a green mobility city by creating hydrogen-charging infrastructure for sustainable hydrogen energy use and to supply hydrogen vehicles.

To reduce the urban heat island effect found in many cities and reduce fine dust particles, the city is expanding urban forests. Trees will be planted to block pollution sources and prevent health damage around heavily polluting industrial complexes.

The city government has partnered with all sectors of society and openly communicates the work being carried out by these projects. Suwon City is reinforcing its commitment to blue skies through public relations efforts and raising awareness of the life-threatening aspects of climate change.

On the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, Suwon City is reaching across borders to recognize the gravity of air pollution and collaborate to improve air quality. The city has declared that “now we face a ‘climate emergency’ beyond climate change, and it is time to work together”. Suwon City will be on the frontlines to ensure blue skies for all.

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