Network Updates / Paris, France / 2018-06-15

Shake it off!:

This June, everyone's doing the no-pollution (dance) with Blanca Li

Paris, France
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She’s most popularly known for choreographing for artistes like Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Coldplay, but this month, contemporary choreographer Blanca Li has been spurring young people the world over to get up and move for air pollution awareness.

For World Environment Day in June, Li choreographed the Pollution Dance, to raise awareness of the need for action against air pollution around the world.

She published a YouTube video demonstrating the moves, stating: “Our environment is our source of life. Stand up and say « Stop » to pollution ! On June 5th 2018, let’s dance for the World Environment Day. Dance wherever you want, with whoever you want, and post your videos with #PollutionDance #WorldEnvironmentDay #BeatPollution.”

Since then, thanks to the support of UNESCO Associated Schools, the video has ignited the enthusiasm of kids and young people all over the world.

Check some of these out here:

At the Ahliah School, Beirut, Lebanon


At the Manila Science High School, Manila, the Philippines


Escuela Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico


Youth volunteers with the One African Child Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria


Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico


Instituto de Estudios de Bachillerato del Estado, Oaxaca, Mexico