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San Antonio’s SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan prioritises clean, equitable economic growth*:

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Air quality, economic vitality, equity, resilience and water resources are priorities in San Antonio’s SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, adopted by the SA City Council.

It aims at improving the community’s quality of life and overall resilience while balancing the impact of the city’s expected growth with existing economic, environmental and social resources.

The Sustainability Plan is a detailed roadmap crafted over 14 months by canvassing in detail 4,000 San Antonians on their priorities for the growth of their city, with special personal attention paid to the traditionally disenfranchised members of the community.

The process was coordinated and overseen by the City of San Antonio, a Sustainability Steering Committee and the City of San Antonio Leadership Team, which consisted of all the Directors and Deputy Directors within each municipal department. Engagement with the Leadership Team was crucial to the development of “Leading by Example” strategies that fed into the Municipal Sustainability Plan.

The plan focuses on the foundations of urban life and growth: energy, the food system, green buildings and infrastructure, land use and transportation, natural resources, public health and solid waste resources.

Crucially, it includes goals, strategies and metrics of success that will be tracked and reported on, on an annual basis.

It was adopted on August 11, 2016, and is based on the three pillars of sustainability, social, environmental and economic.

Read the adopted SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan here.