Network Updates / San Antonio, Texas, United States / 2017-12-01

San Antonio largest city to ban coal tar-based sealants:
Protecting public and environmental health

San Antonio, Texas, United States
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In June of 2016, the San Antonio City Council made history by banning the use of coal tar-based sealcoat products, making it the largest city in the nation to prohibit this compound which contains chemicals known to to cause cancer.

City staff analyzed more than 80 white papers and research studies demonstrating that coal tar sealants are a major source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs, chemicals which are known to be toxic.

“This is a major win for public health,” Councilman Nirenberg said. “We know that coal tar-based sealants pose a risk to human health and can seep into waterways over time through stormwater runoff. This is a long-overdue measure that is based in common sense and backed by science.”

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