Network Updates / London, England, United Kingdon / 2017-11-08

Mayor Sadiq’s ‘Cleaner Vehicle Checker’:
New tool helps Londoners choose cleaner cars

London, England, United Kingdon
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The “dieselgate” scandal shook the confidence of consumers who wanted to buy cleaner cars — and instead ended up with highly polluting engines, as manufacturer’s tests didn’t reflect real-world performance. For Londoners, there is now a solution: the Cleaner Vehicle Checker.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched this new scheme to provide independent ratings of nearly all new Euro 6 standard cars and most vans on sale in the UK. The tool helps consumers assess their options and buy cleaner cars, supported by independent and reliable data.

What type of car Londoners choose to buy can make a big difference to pollution in the city. Recent research has shown that almost eight million Londoners live in areas that exceed World Health Organization air quality guidelines.

Check your vehicle here.