Network Updates / London, United Kingdom / 2017-10-04

London joins BreatheLife campaign:
Mayor Sadiq Khan Announces on 4 October

London will work with BreatheLife cities around the world to reduce emissions of harmful pollutants and improve air quality.

London, United Kingdom
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Mayor Sadiq Khan released new research showing that every Londoner in the capital lives in an area exceeding World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for health-harmful PM2.5 particles.

The research is based on the latest updated London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory. It also shows that 7.9 million Londoners – nearly 95 per cent of the capital’s population – live in areas that exceed the guidelines by 50 percent or more.

The Mayor also delivered a keynote speech at the ‘Every Journey, Every Child’ Conference at London’s City Hall today, where he announced that London would join the Breathe Life coalition.

“To ensure good health, every person must be able to breathe clean air no matter where they live. London’s plan to clean up their air means millions of people will be able to walk to work and walk their children to school without worrying about whether the air is going to make them sick. More cities around the world must also follow suit.”

–Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization

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