Network Updates / London, England / 2018-05-20

In London, a neighbourhood plan with global ambitions:

HSBC banker-turned-advocate for clean air Simon Birkett rallies people to get all London to fully comply with World Health Organization air quality guidelines

London, England
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Simon Birkett is on a mission to reduce the toxic levels of air pollution in his beloved London. A former HSBC banker, Simon was inspired to take on the cause full-time after his early retirement in 2009. You could say that he loves his city too much to give up on it. 

“I had one vision,” he says. “To make my neighbourhood an exemplar for healthy air in London.” Beyond his immediate neighbourhood of Knightsbridge, he hopes to get all of London to fully comply with the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines.

“That is still the mission,” he says. “But now I have a bigger vision: London and the rest of the world.”

One day in 2015, eight years after he had started his Clean Air in London campaign, Simon was invited to join the steering group for the UN’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO) process – a series of expert meetings that result in reports to inform the UN’s work to protect the environment. 

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