Network Updates / Greater Manchester, UK / 2017-06-15

Greater Manchester celebrates National Clean Air Day:
Take the pledge June 15

Greater Manchester, UK
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National Clean Air Day is giving people all over the UK an opportunity to talk about the impacts of air pollution and the importance of clean air. People are taking pledges to make their own contributions to cleaner air… and urging their friends and neighbors to do the same.


To mark the occasion, here’s a message of welcome to Greater Manchester from Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health.

Dr. Neira recognizes Greater Manchester as a leader in the fight for clean air. As one of the first members of the global BreatheLife campaign, Greater Manchester is demonstrating bold and ambitious leadership with a comprehensive pollution reduction strategy.

Key to that leadership is Mayor Andy Burnham, a former Minister of State at the Department of Health. Mayor Burnham is taking his own National Clean Air Day Pledge. Find out what Mayor Burnham’s pledge is in the video below:

Now, go to and make your own pledge to help Greater Manchester breathe a little easier.