Network Updates / Nairobi, Kenya / 2017-10-17

Act Now to #BeatPollution:
Make your pledge for a pollution-free planet

Nairobi, Kenya
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When the UN Environment Assembly meets in Nairobi this December, the global Assembly will highlight significant anti-pollution pledges from around the world.

The third UN Environment Assembly (UNEA3) will gather in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4-6 December 2017. This year, the Assembly will focus on the overarching theme of pollution, offering a platform for the 193 UN Member States and all UN organizations to engage and lead on advancing global environmental policy and achieving a pollution-free planet.

In support of this goal, UNEA3 asks that governments, businesses and NGOS — and even individuals — register their commitments and pledges towards a pollution-free planet. During the Assembly, we will highlight the most outstanding commitments. We will also broadcast the commitments to our 2 million social media followers.

The Beat Pollution campaign has already registered more than 529,000 individual commitments. With around 45 days until UNEA3, let’s continue to build on that momentum!

Here are a few examples of the types of commitments we would love to see:

A company that pledges to improve its energy efficiency or stop producing a harmful product
A civil society group that commits to take up pollution as a campaign issue or organize a series of beach clean-ups
A government that commits to phase out single-use plastic bags, increase budgets to combat pollution, or strengthen its pollution laws and regulations

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