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Network Updates / San Antonio, Texas, United States / 2017-10-01

San Antonio, Texas joins BreatheLife campaign:
The SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan

The fast-growing city aims for smart growth, a sustainable future and cleaner air.

San Antonio, Texas, United States
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San Antonio, Texas joins the BreatheLife network on [date]. The city is particularly targeting ozone pollution, with a goal of reducing ozone pollution to 70 parts per billion by 2020.

San Antonio’s clean air commitment is part of a broader campaign for citywide sustainability, outlined in the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan adopted in 2016 by San Antonio’s city council.

The fast-growing region of 1.5 million people expects to add another million additional residents by 2040, making a commitment to smart and sustainable growth both timely and essential.

This newest commitment builds on a history of environmental action. San Antonio already has more solar power capacity than any other city in Texas and the largest wind power portfolio of any municipal utility in the United States. San Antonio’s public utility was the first to purchase power from the Texas Clean Energy Project with 99 percent carbon dioxide capture.

The city’s Energy Efficiency Fund, designed to reinvest savings from energy-efficient utilities into future energy projects, is the only major city fund of its type in Texas. The fund has supported more than 375 energy projects in 200 municipal buildings, reducing the city’s overall energy consumption by 19.3 percent since 2011.

Looking forward, the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan outlines a broad and pragmatic strategy for a more resilient future. The 71-point plan focuses on seven major areas:

Food Systems
Green Buildings and Infrastructure
Land Use & Transportation
Natural Resources
Public Health
Solid Waste Resources

Created with community support from 4,000+ stakeholders, the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan highlights local residents’ top choices and favorite strategies for creating a healthier San Antonio. These include:

Expand participation in the CPS Energy Supply Solar Initiative programs — especially in low-income and affordable housing
Expand education and outreach on low-impact development, encouraging developers and builders to adopt better stormwater management techniques that reduce both water pollution and flooding risks
Provide incentives for developers and builders to create infrastructure for pedestrians, bikers and electric and alternative vehicles
Promote drought-tolerant landscaping for commercial buildings to minimize water waste
Identify markets for commercial recycling and organic material composting

Explore the full City of Antonio SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan.