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Over 40 million healthcare workers call for green, healthy recovery from COVID-19:

Over 350 organisations representing over 40 million health professionals and over 4,500 individual health professionals from 90 different countries have written an open letter to G20 leaders

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Over 40 million doctors, nurses and other health professionals from 90 countries, including many working on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, wrote an open letter to G20 leaders urging them to prioritise public health, clean air, clean water and a stable climate in economic stimulus packages, to help avoid future crises and make the world more resilient to them.

Over 350 medical groups representing health professionals — including the World Medical Association, the International Council of Nurses, the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation, the World Organization of Family Doctors and the World Federation of Public Health Associations — signed the letter on behalf of their members, along with thousands of individual health professionals.

The devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the letter says, “…could have been partially mitigated, or possibly even prevented by adequate investments in pandemic preparedness, public health and environmental stewardship. We must learn from these mistakes and come back stronger, healthier and more resilient.”

The letter states: “Before COVID-19, air pollution – primarily from traffic, inefficient residential energy use for cooking and heating, coal-fired power plants, the burning of solid waste, and agriculture practices – was already weakening our bodies. It  increases the risk of developing, and the severity of: pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart disease and strokes, leading to seven million premature deaths each year. Air pollution also causes adverse pregnancy outcomes like low birth weight and asthma, putting further strain on our health care systems.

“A truly healthy recovery will not allow pollution to continue to cloud the air we breathe and the water we drink. It will not permit unabated climate change and deforestation, potentially unleashing new health threats upon vulnerable populations.

“In a healthy economy and civil society the most vulnerable among us are looked after. Workers have access to well-paying jobs that do not exacerbate pollution or nature degradation; cities prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, and our rivers and skies are protected and clean. Nature is thriving, our bodies are more resilient to infectious diseases, and nobody is pushed into poverty because of healthcare costs.”

The letter’s signatories advocate for using smarter incentives and disincentives to achieve a healthier and more resilient society.

“If governments were to make major reforms to current fossil fuel subsidies, shifting the majority towards the production of clean renewable energy, our air would be cleaner and climate emissions massively reduced, powering an economic recovery that would spur global GDP gains of almost 100 trillion US dollars between now and 2050,” it says.

They also ask that each country’s chief medical officer and chief scientific advisor are “directly involved in the production of all economic stimulus packages, report on the short- and long-term public health repercussions that these may have, and give their stamp of approval”, essentially putting human health and wellbeing at the heart of policymaking.


The call, from thick of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, is the most recent in a series of open letters calling for a green, climate-conscious recovery, among them those from multinational companies, prominent economists, several European Union countries, and global investor groups.

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