The Air Pollution in

Cirat , Spain

OVER THE SAFE LEVEL PM2.5 annual exposure*

*PM 2.5 concentrations measured in micrograms of particles per cubic meter of air (µg/m3) Data: WHO Global Platform on Air Quality & Health

WHO Guideline (10)Lowest level at which premature mortality risk increases in response to long-term exposure

Interim target 1 (35)Associated with 15% higher premature mortality relative to the WHO guideline of 10 µg/m3

Interim target 2 (25)Associated with 6% lower premature mortality risk relative to Interim Target 1 (35 µg/m3)

Interim target 3 (15)Associated with 6% lower premature mortality risk relative to Interim Target 2 (25 µg/m3)

More about the data

Air Quality & Health Burden Spain

13,163 Annual Deaths from air pollution

Leading Killer

Ischemic heart disease

National Air Quality


annual average PM 2.5


Leading Killer

Lung cancer

Child Deaths (0-5yrs)


per year


Where the data comes from

The data featured on this page comes from WHO’s Global Platform on Air Quality and Health. This includes an urban air pollution database with monitoring data collected from 4,300 cities worldwide, representing nearly 40% of the world’s urban population. It also includes a global ambient (outdoor) air pollution database for 108 countries and every corner of the world. These data contain measurements for the annual average exposure to particulate matter, PM 2.5, the tiny particles within air pollution that can penetrate the body and are most closely linked with premature death and climate change.

In the past 2 years, the database - now covering 4,300 cities and health burden data for nearly every country in the world - has nearly doubled in size, with more cities measuring and reporting on air pollution and levels and recognizing the associated health burden.

Calibration for the air pollution gauge was completed through partners at the University of Bath to help represent levels in which the majority of cities in the database fall.