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Walloon Region, Belgium

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Home to over 3.6 million inhabitants across three cities, the Walloon Region (or Wallonia) in Belgium's south uses a broad range of policies and measures to bring its particulate pollution in line with European Union standards, currently with a focus on transport emissions. Several regional agreements, as well as a comprehensive integrated Energy Mitigation Air Quality Plan, guide the region’s action on air quality.

"Our region has experienced a drop in air particle pollution since the 1990s, partly because of emissions standards and major improvements in energy efficiency and renewable energy use. We want to ensure that this momentum continues by taking action to meet our commitments under Belgium and EU legislations and standards. However, we still experience ‘pollution peaks’ under certain climate conditions, which trigger a multi-agency response, and we are also working to mitigate growing pollution from vehicles, a challenge we share with other growing regions."

Carlo Di Antonio, Minister of the Environment, Ecological Transition, Land-Use Planning, Public Works, Mobility, Transport, Animal Welfare and Business Parks; and Jean-Luc Crucke, Minister of Budget, Finance Energy, Climate and Airports