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Santiago de Cali, Colombia

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Cali has developed comprehensive clean air and climate change plans, spurring action that includes the scrapping of around 4,000 buses and the introduction of cleaner vehicles to MIO, its Integrated Public Transport System; promoting the use of bicycles as alternative means of transport; an efficient driving training programme aimed at drivers of private vehicles and taxis in the city; and encouraging the switch from diesel vehicles to electric.

We have been working throughout the country with the environmental authorities of the cities, verifying the work of each one on this issue, in order to share and discover the best practices that we can apply in our city for the best air quality outcomes. Out of the four major Colombian cities, Cali is the one with the best air quality, thanks to its privileged location and the work done by The Mayor’s Office of Santiago de Cali, through the DAGMA and the population, with the understanding that behaviour change is necessary to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Norman Maurice Armitage, Mayor of Santiago de Cali