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Puglia, Italy

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Photo by Alessandro Spadavecchia, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The region Puglia is adopting an evidence-based approach to reduce air pollution, focusing on emissions from energy production and industrial processes as well as sustainable mobility/transportation. To accomplish these goals, Region Puglia has set a Road Map for Decarbonization of ILVA steel production plant in Taranto and ENEL power plant in Brindisi, as well as a new Regional Waste Management Plan and an innovative Regional Energetic and Environmental plan based on the principles of sustainability

Puglia has started a dialogue with national and international experts as part of a decision making process that is based on scientific evidence and on the adoption of well-established best practices in the production of energy and steel, aimed at safeguarding human health and the environment as well as restoring all human rights granted by the International Convention on Children and Adolescent Rights, which are currently being breached on high pollution days in some areas."

Michele Emiliano, President of Region Puglia