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Novorossiysk, Russia

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Novorossiysk has joined the BreatheLife campaign. The city administration in line with the advice of the Russian Ecological Society, committed to reducing pollutant emissions by 5% or more than 60,000 tons until 2030. In the transport sector, the city will add 27 new trolleybus to the existing fleet as well as extend and build new lines; purchase new buses; improve the route network, taking into account the needs of passengers; reorganize freight and passenger traffic so that lorries are restricted to certain roads. The city has also taken up the task of improving the state waste management system.

The campaigns “Beach without waste” and “Green business” have been started. The main task of the projects is to raise public awareness of conscious consumption, with the involvement of business representatives. Recycling bins will be placed in schools, nurseries and public spaces such as beach and camping areas across the region.