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Caldas, Colombia

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Caldas is a region of 1 million residents in the Colombia’s dramatically mountainous coffee country, close to half of whom live in its main city, Manizales. Tackling air pollution in Manizales is a shared process and challenge, led by government, academia and civil society and drawing on the strengths of all. Local and regional emission sources affect the air quality in Manizales and Caldas, contributing particulate matter and gases. These include road transport, industrial facilities and the active volcano Nevado del Ruíz (located 27 km from the city). Emission controls efforts have focused mainly on road transport emissions.

"Pollution control efforts in Caldas are largely centred in Manizales, a dynamic university city where public and private sectors draw on local strengths to implement all the activities and campaigns needed to prevent and control air pollution in the city. Improving air quality is a multi-stakeholder effort: government, academia, civil society and the private sector have defined roles in the crafting, promoting, funding and implementing of policies, monitoring and analysis of the required data and knowledge, and the reporting and setting of key indicators."

Juan David Arango Gartner, General Director, Corpodcaldas