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Bogota, Colombia

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Photo by Pedro Szekely/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

All relevant institutions in Colombia’s capital city of over 8 million citizens work together under a collaborative framework to improve air quality for better public health, one that also draws together the efforts of local, regional and national administration.

For the first time, Bogota has set specific goals in our four-year development plan and the government has committed itself to them. We are just approving measures that set up goals to reduce 10 per cent of air pollution in our city on average. It means to continue electrifying our mass transport system, which is based on buses, and advancing a metro system that is fully electric. We are improving infrastructure and security for pedestrians and for bicycle users. We are building an institution for the metropolitan area between Bogotá and the province surrounding us, because air doesn't know administrative and political boundaries."

Claudia López Hernández, Mayor of Bogota