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Accra, Ghana

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Photo by Joana Ansong/WHO

Accra, the youthful, multicultural capital of Ghana, becomes the first major city in Ghana to join the BreatheLife campaign. As part of its commitment, the city of 2 million people is supporting outreach in some of the city’s worst hit communities to reduce waste burning and promote green space development. A new Ghana EPA Air Quality Management Plan will tighten national air quality standards along with fuel and vehicle emissions requirements. A WHO and CCAC-supported Urban Health Initiative is, meanwhile, supporting a city-wide assessment of the health benefits of more sustainable development of transport, waste and household energy systems – training policymakers in health-based tools and analysis.

"Cities are becoming more important in the geopolitical space. Someone has to provide leadership. I am willing to do so. In our part of the world air pollution is not prioritized as a health concern - even in the way we cook. But the statistics are so staggering that we have to wake people up to take action. We have to talk about it loudly so that it becomes part of our discourse in the urban political space.”

Mohammed Adjei Sowah, Mayor of Accra, Ghana