How is your city’s air impacting you?

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Three steps we need to take, starting this Earth Day, to avoid a climate catastrophe

•  Convert all our end uses of energy to electricity use and generate that electricity using solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and renewable biofuels. •  Drastically reduce emissions of “super pollutants” such as methane and soot for which the needed technologies are mostly available. •  Remove half of the carbon dioxide pollution that has already accumulated […]

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Children in Ulaanbaatar to receive pneumococcal vaccine

Mongolia will immunize all children aged two to nine months old in the national capital Ulaanbaatar this year with the pneumococcal vaccine as a long-term measure to prevent childhood pneumonia, a major cause of death from indoor air pollution. All 38,000 children within this age group will receive the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) in […]

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Mongolia tackles air pollution in Ulaanbaatar by legislation and example

It’s midday, but the sky is dark, as if dusk has long fallen. The winter air is thick and sooty, creeping into living areas, from thousands of heating stoves and hearths alit with smoky, bituminous coal— 350,000 tonnes of this cheapest and most readily available solid fuel— and a persistent smog blankets the streets. The […]

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World Health Day: Universal health coverage is about much more than health care

A project that delivered vaccines more safely and efficiently along the entire supply chain, through solar powered refrigerators and energy efficiency measures, to both reduce vaccine spoilage and reduce environmental impact of storage and transport. A hospital planned carefully to be easily accessed by various modes of transport, including bus, rail, minibus, cycling, walking and […]

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African countries progressing towards cleaner car imports

On the island nation of Mauritius, in the capital of Port Louis, the air has become tangibly clearer as the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road has soared. In the five years from 2009, the number of hybrid vehicles grew from just 43 to 1,824, and that of electric vehicles from none […]

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Implementing Paris Agreement to save governments USD 54 trillion in health care: report

Meeting the objectives of the Paris Climate Change Agreement by investing in low emissions technology would save governments around USD 54 trillion in health care costs by 2050, including those associated with polluted air. That’s the conclusion of a study published in the Lancet Planetary Health, which found that investing in the reduction of greenhouse […]

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The Issue

Air pollution causes 1 in 9 deaths. It is the biggest environmental health crisis we face.

We may not always see it, but air pollution is the cause of some of our most common illnesses.

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The Health & Disease Burden

of lung cancer deaths


of stroke deaths


of heart disease deaths


of COPD (pulmonary disease) deaths

Outdoor air pollution

Outdoor pollution causes an estimated 3 million premature deaths each year.

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Indoor air pollution

Indoor pollution causes an estimated 4.3 million premature deaths each year.

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The Solutions

Fortunately, we have solutions that are proven to work.

See how you can help combat air pollution.

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